Understand and reduce costly human error in your organisation and reinforce excellence. Propel Performance draws on lessons learnt from the airline flight deck, to understand the limitations and strengths of human performance within a wide variety of industries.

Avoid the blame game when things go wrong, instead develop a just and fair culture in your business. Flatten authority gradients, empower junior people to speak, whilst understanding organisational strengths.

Delivering workshops, keynote speaking and individual coaching. 





The aviation industry has long recognised that the weak link in flight safety, is the pilot’s vulnerability to human error.  Many fatal accidents have unnecessarily occurred due to the limitations of the pilots’ performance.  Such limitations are accentuated when working in stressful, high work load situations, operating under commercial pressure.  These same pressures are evident any business where humans are involved.  Propel uses the airline industry soft skills model, and applies it to a wide variety of industries. See some of our clients testimonials below, to appreciate Propel’s application in a wide variety of sectors. 

Use lessons learnt from flying, to help your organisation reduce it's exposure to costly human error and risk, whilst reinforcing best practice.


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Airline Pilot Matt Lindley and his team uses 25 years experience in aviation and expertise in error management, to suggest subtle changes in everyday work practices to mitigate risk and enhance performance within your organisation. 

Areas of expertise include human cognition, the psychology of decision-making, stress and performance, leadership and communication.

Matt’s ability to use his extensive experience in the airline industry, to clearly articulate lessons and solutions to the vitally important topic of patient safety, is refreshing and insightful. Human factors, attitude to risk and creating a just culture are key areas to focus and continually improve on, whatever the industry – but particularly relevant to pharmacy. A GREAT DAYS TRAINING.
— Marc Donovan, Chief Pharmacist. Walgreens Boots Alliance



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I am very happy to write this recommendation for Matt Lindley, whom we had a pleasure of welcoming as one of the leading keynote speakers at the World Procurement Congress 2018 in London. Matt performed magnificently and engaged with the audience of over 1000 extremely well, no doubt due to his approach, knowledge and experience on the topic, giving our delegates a deep insight into the human error topic and leadership skills. Matt’s session has received fantastic feedback from our delegates and scored a perfect NPS score! On the personal level, he is very affable and we look forward to the possibility of working with him in the future.
— Katya Ushakova, Director World Procurement Congress 2018
Matt is an engaging, enthusiastic and inspiring trainer and several people said it was the best training they had been on.
— Consultant Pediatrician, NHS Sheffield Hallam Trust
Matt delivers a very clear and concise presentation on how to fine tune some of those softer skills which can often be overlooked in busy and highly pressurised environments - effective communication, dealing with workloads, delegating effectively etc. His presentations draw on interesting cross-sector experiences keeping participants engaged and providing for an enjoyable training. Participants are left with a clear understanding of how their business practices can be tweaked to increase efficiencies. I would have no hesitation recommending Matt.
— Senior Lawyer London based US Law Firm
Assessing and managing risk”. It was a great session, very interactive and managed to engage all the SME Managing Directors that were present. I would thoroughly recommend Matt to anyone looking for a keynote speaker on this area.
— Lisa Lister, The Yorkshire Leadership Group
A thoroughly professional and interesting presentation, giving lots of food for thought. Matt was inspirational, highly articulate and persuasive
— The UK Border Force
Really enjoyed Matt’s Human Factors Awareness day, he created a relaxed learning environment, and gave an engaging and coherent summary of what can be a really complex area. The human factors implications for patient safety often seem obvious, but in healthcare we often struggle to integrate HF thinking into the design of new spaces, equipment, and ways of working. And I’m sure that HF is still a “missing piece” in quality improvement in healthcare, and well beyond. I left Matt’s session with some clear, practical ideas about how we might do things differently…
— Dave Grewcock, Head of Improvement University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust




Propel has an alternative and fresh approach to traditional 'soft skills’ training.
We specialise in human error, performance, and cultural advice.

By using best practice from aviation and other
risk-based industries, Propel challenges your traditional outlook. Choose from either a bespoke workshop or high impact keynote speaking. Our aim is to stimulate fresh thinking within your organisation.


We draw on our vast experience from OUTSIDE your industry. By looking at proven techniques adopted in other sectors such as aviation, health and oil, Propel gives an alternative approach to traditional skills such as leadership, decision making and communication.
By using varied case studies and basic psychology, we aim to explain why we are all vulnerable to making mistakes. We make the subject material interesting and interactive, with key ‘take home points’ ensuring maximum applicability within your organisation.


Propel specialises in providing training to all risk based organisations.

The legal / financial services sectors. along with engineering/utilities, especially benefit.  The attention to detail required, along with challenges associated with steep hierarchy gradients, make these industries particularly relevant.





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VIP Captain flying members of the Royal Family
and UK Government world wide

Flying instructor and non technical trainer



Crew Resource Management Instructor (CRMI)



Human factors consultant, delivering life saving training to doctors and healthcare professionals

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Boeing 747 First Officer