Long-haul Airline and ex Royal Air Force Queen’s Flight pilot
Matt Lindley, gives an engaging discussion how flight deck management techniques reduce pilot error and their wider relevance to other industries. Adapt your leadership and culture models, to empower employees and develop trust .




Matt Lindley, Ex Pilot to the UK Royal Family

Currently Airline Pilot


Matt Lindley graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Commerce. 

He joined the Ford Motor Company and was
involved with implementing Japanese Management techniques, along with culture change in dealerships. 

In 1995 he joined the Royal Air Force as a pilot. 
He specialised in VIP transportation, flying Her Majesty the Queen, the Prime Minister and
Cabinet worldwide for over 10 years.

2007 became an Airline Pilot and currently flies
the Boeing 747 long haul routes. 

Through out his flying career, Matt Lindley has developed an expertise in human factors and
error management.

He has developed life saving foundation courses
for Doctors and healthcare professionals through
out the NHS, as well as teaching the subject in
other sectors.




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“Matt has a sharp intellect and the ability to get on well with anyone... a consummate presenter. His techniques for delivering new knowledge and understanding act as a catalysts for improved performance.  He ensures that no one feels 'talked at' or patronised.”

Steve Pitcher - Officer Commanding, The Royal Squadron


“Matt (Lindley) is a very engaging speaker who really knows his stuff - he uses diverse case studies across sectors to illustrate his points expertly well. I left the training feeling as if I had really learnt something.”

Senior Associate - Legal Council

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"Matt is an engaging, enthusiastic and inspiring
trainer and several people said it was
the best training they had been on.” 

NHS Pediatric Consultant

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“I really enjoyed it! I was (honestly) quite skeptical about this topic but found it really helpful.” 

Senior Associate - City Law Firm






"One of the ways airlines are trying to reduce potentially fatal errors occurring is to use psychological techniques to break down that hierarchical structure and encourage people at
all levels to highlight if something..." -


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Human Factors error management in Aviation
has saved thousands of lives. Claudia Hammond interviews Commercial Pilot and Human Factors
expert Matt Lindley about the similarities between
the aviation sector and healthcare - BBC RADIO 4


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